Facebook is Now Prioritizing Local News, Which is Great News for Small Businesses

May 31, 2018


Facebook publicly announced that they will now prioritize more local and relevant news to its users. What does this mean for small businesses? It is time to take Facebook seriously. 

PS - if you are indeed a small business owner in the downriver area... keep on reading! If you're not, feel free to keep on reading anyways :)

Facebook's News Feed is extremely complex (I do my absolute best at explaining it here). It is designed to show users content and information that is most relevant to them each and every time they open the app. Facebook is always making updates and in January, they made a massive change - one that I (an advertising expert and a Trenton grad) can be a BIG help with!


After some interesting research and feedback from users, Facebook has made the switch to now prioritize local news within News Feeds in an attempt to create stronger communities. Regarding this update, Mark Zuckerberg said, "Local news helps build community - both online and offline." Preach, Mark!!

SO WHY SHOULD I CARE? Now more than ever is an incredible time to place more focus on building that community around your brand. This doesn't mean to just post as many times as possible - that actually would show your content to less and less people. Instead, go about creating what you share on Facebook in an effective and efficient manner that will truly be an extremely cost effective form of advertising. 


OKAY... CAN YOU HELP? Well of course!! I've set up a couple dates in August where I will be working with 15 Downriver business owners on their Facebook presence. There will be two different sessions on each date that are VERY different from each other. One 60 minute session teaching you how to properly (trust me, you're probably doing it wrong) manage your Facebook page and curate content (60 second video explaining more about it). The other is a 90 minute session teaching you everything you need to know about Facebook Advertising, and I mean actual advertising that will drive revenue (another 60 second video explaining that). 


COOL - BUT WAIT, WHO ARE YOU AGAIN? You can think of me as that 23 year old kid that knows WAY WAY too much about social media. I now work for Google, but formally worked at a professional social media agency. My job was literally to look at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram data all day to try to understand how to hack this very pesky Facebook algorithm. Over time, I learned that the tips and tricks I was creating for pages with millions of fans also worked for smaller, more local pages, which is why you're reading this right now (yes, I targeted you because you're an admin of a Facebook page living within the Downriver community). 


ALRIGHT NATE, BUT HOW MUCH? My goal is to keep this training as affordable as possible. Of course, I'd love to have you for both sessions, so we are providing a pretty hefty discount if you register for both sessions. Either way, you'll come out of this spending no more than $120. I usually charge 3X that for just the 60 minute session, but really trying to help as many small business owners as possible! 

Okay... I am done talking now! Below are the links to those two videos again. My contact info is on their so please please feel free to reach out! I work a day job also, but I will no doubt get back to you within the same day you reach out. Cheers!





Nate Donovan is the Co-Founder and President of Savio Group. He attended Trenton High School and graduated from Kalamazoo College. Savio has helped over 20 small businesses improve their voice within their local market whether that be through Facebook, Advertising, or Website Design. 

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