My Story In Under 3 Minutes

July 17, 2018

A little over a year ago as a business and psychology major at Kalamazoo College, I began diving into the world of digital advertising. Since then, I've worked for a professional social advertising organization, helped over 20 small businesses (most in the Downriver area) grow in my "free time", and now work for Google in advertising. 

The reason you're reading this is one of two reasons... I targeted you with a Facebook ad because you are a business owner/page manager in the Downriver area or I shared this with you directly to tell you my story. What is important to know is that I am Downriver born and raised (Go Trojans) and am here to help!


As I mentioned above, in the past year I have worked with more than 20 businesses directly on their advertising/website design. It's been a blast and I am so happy with the results that came from these efforts... However, 20 is just too small a number. I have spent hours upon hours researching, testing, and creating things that I know can 100% impact Downriver based businesses... but there were two major problems... I am just one guy and I can't create an advertising campaign for each and every business and second, not every business has thousands of dollars to spend to hire me to do these things. That just doesn't seem fair on both ends. 


So I pivoted. 


I started teaching in a one-on-one setting instead of actually creating and implementing solutions. My thought was that I could make sense of hundreds of videos and articles and consolidate them down into a 120 min 1:1 session to help [insert name]'s business. But again, the problem is that this was just too expensive still! While the countless hours I have put into learning this world is valuable, it doesn't make sense for a mom-and-pop that is really tight on funds. 


So again, I pivoted. 


After doing a number of 1:1's I realized that if I am just repeating these lessons over and over again, why not teach this on a larger scale? Saves everyone time and I can charge a MUCH lower price to each attendee, which should allow more and more people to attend. Which is eventually is how we winded up where we are today. 


On August 4th and 11th I will be holding two separate sessions each morning. Please note - the 4th will be the same exact day as the 11th, so no need to attend both days. But the details... (click for 60 sec videos describing each)


Facebook Management - 60 minute session teaching you everything you should probably already know about effectively managing a page. 


Facebook Advertising - 90 minute session teaching you how to effectively target the exact customers that you are looking to speak with. 


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